Oceans of Art Heading Graphic

The Oceans of Art auction was a great success. Thanks to your support, we raised $17,00 on the night! Many thanks to the talented artists who donated their exceptional work and to the auctioneer, MC  and cellists for ensuring it was also highly entertaining. We’ve never had more fun protecting our unique marine life!

You can download the catalogue here:

Ocean Planet - Oceans of Art Catalogue

Artists featured:
Michael SchlitzKevin PerkinsTricky Walsh, Madeleine Goodwolf, Bobby Z Lambert,Sally BrownRob BlakersPeter PouletKarin BeaumontStuart WilliamsNic GoodwolfMandy RenardSue Anderson, Jonathon Partridge, Christl BergJulian BundaFaridah CameronSara WrightAubrey WoodThomas MooreDoug ThostLilly BlueKaren Harvey

Our thanks
Enormous thanks to the many talented artists that have generously donated their work to this important event.

And infinite thanks to the oceans of art voluntary organisers, Maddy Goodwolf and Jen Sharman for their dedication, creativity and persistence.

Photograph of the Oceans of Art 2010

Photograph of the Oceans of Art 2010

Photograph of the Oceans of Art 2010

Photograph of the Oceans of Art 2010

Photograph of the Oceans of Art 2010

Photograph of the Oceans of Art 2010

Photograph of Oceans of Art 2010

Photograph of Oceans of Art 2010

Image by Doug Thost

Doug Thost
type-c photographic print on fuji crystal archive paper, 600 x 1000
Iceberg I and Iceberg IV

Image by Aubrey Wood

Mandy Renard
dry point etching 390 x 800
“Navigating the sea of beginningless lives”

Michael Schlitz

Michael Schlitz
woodcut 880 x 600
“Woman of the sea”

Image by Nic Goodwolf

Nic Goodwolf
multi plate etching
“Bike 1” and “Bike 2”

Image by Lilly Blue

Lilly Blue
Watercolour 300 x 420

Image by Tricky Walsh

Tricky Walsh
oil painting 1240 x 1240
“She never forgot a face”

Image by Julian Bunda

Julian Bunda
drawing 740x 370
rock study

Image by Christl Berg

Christl Berg
Digital print on archival paper, edition of 5, 530 x 500
‘Water #3’

Image by Sue Anderson

Sue Anderson
Pencil on paper
“Perfect balance”

Image by Faridah Cameron

Faridah Cameron
Acrylic on canvas

Image by Rob Blakers

Rob Blakers
Photographic inkjet print
“Myrtle forest, Walls of Jerusalem National Park”

Image by Bobby Z Lambert

Bobby-z Lambert
S.P and oil bar
“Friendship Hill No. 4”
Contact Artist direct to purchase

Image of Lamp by Stuart Williams

Stuart Williams
Blackwood, stainless steel and she-oak 2200 x 200 x 200
“Reach for the sun”

Image by Aubrey Wood

Aubrey Wood
oil painting 610 x 762
“Lost world”

Image by Peter Poulet

Peter Poulet
Acrylic on canvas 450 x 350
“Untitled 2010”

Porcelain by Sara Wright

Sara Wright
Southern ice porcelain
“Organ Pipes Vase” large and medium

Sculpture by Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore Photography
Magiclée canvas 600 X 1200
“Ralphs Bay twilight – June 22, 2010”

Image by Karen Harvey

Karen Harvey
2 Colour Etching, Unique State
‘Crusader Part One’

Image of a bottle of Lake Pedder Sand

Lake Pedder Sand
Market value: PRICELESS
Collected by an activist from the original Lake Pedder campaign. Passed on by some old ladies in Richmond and sat on Nik Magnus’s childhood shelf.


Unsold items:

Image by Sally Brown

Sally Brown
water-hardened leather, nails
Market value $1150

Image by Karin Beaumont

Karin Beaumont
Sterling silver and kelp
“Earth elements III & kelp cradle”
Market value $850

Sculpture by Kevin Perkins

Kevin Perkins
Aged eucalypt wood 400 x 400
‘The rape of Tasmania’s forests’
Market value $2200