Shane Gould – Olympic champion swimmer

Picture of Shane Gould

‘I like to know who I’m swimming with, so I’m keen to learn about other critters in the sea and then do what I can to help preserve their homes.’

Philippe Cousteau Jr – Videographer, conservationist and grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Image of Phillipe Cousteau

‘Our oceans are the life-support system of this planet and all around the world we must commit to their survival. I have spent many glorious hours underwater, and the marine life I saw in Tasmania is unique, precious and spectacular. I fully support Ocean Planet in their vital efforts to protect Tasmania’s marine environment for future generations.’

Bob Drysdale – Third generation Tasmanian fisherman

Picture of Bob Drysdale

‘I love this place and want my grandkids to be able to enjoy the bounty of our oceans like I have. As a third generation Tasmanian fisherman, I’ve seen a serious decline in fish populations and have real concerns for the future. There are no natural refuges left for marine life. That’s why need to create marine national parks.’

Dave Wyatt – Commercial crayfisherman

Image of Dave Wyatt

‘Over 25 years of commercial fishing I have seen a reduction of fish stocks in high usage areas. Gill nets, technology and increasing numbers of fishers have been contributing factors. Marine parks would help the recovery of stocks. N.Z. has seen increasing fish stocks in the areas around their No-take zones. As a father of four, I would like to see Marine Parks implemented so future generations can experience fishing as we have.’

Paccy Stronach – Dunalley Slip owner

Image of Paccy Stronach

‘The east coast of Tasmania is considered a “hot spot” for climate change. We should be building buffer zones to give the marine environment and the fishing community the best possible chance to work with the changes we are all about to face. Of course there is a great need for protection of the marine environment and we could all do more to help that happen.’

Adrienne Cahalan – Yachtswoman, navigator and five-time Sydney-Hobart yacht race winner

Picture of Adrienne Cahalan

‘When I am at sea I am constantly looking to the sky to help me forecast what the weather will throw at us. I have spent many years on many oceans. I know that climate change will increase the frequency of wild and erratic weather — a healthy ocean that can help sustain a healthy atmosphere is one of our best defences, keeping the climate of our planet in balance for future generations.’

Cameron Tapp – Singer, musician, Orford local and recreational fisherman

Image of Cameron Tapp

‘Some of the best memories of my life are of swimming, diving and fishing in Mercury Passage with my mates. I really want my kids to enjoy the same wonder and bounty that the underwater world gave me. Marine parks are the best way to ensure that the waters are healthy, strong and enduring for the decades ahead.’