Current Events And Projects

There events and projects are just some of the things happening in Tasmania to protect our marine environment and make our wet footprint more sustainable. Let us know if you have a project you’d like profiled!

Reef Life Survey

Reef Life Survey Logo

Reef Life Survey aims to improve biodiversity conservation and the sustainable management of marine resources through the production of high-quality survey information at spatial and temporal scales beyond those possible by scientific dive teams. It does this through the skills of experienced and motivated recreational SCUBA divers, as well as through partnerships with management agencies and a steering committee comprising managers, scientists and recreational divers. To find out more and get involved visit the reef life survey website, or call 03 6227 7214.



Despite Tasmanian sea temperatures already warming over 2°C in the last 60 years (a rate of more than three times the global average) the implications for the local marine environment and species are unclear, as there is a scarcity of marine monitoring programs.

You can help change this! REDMAP (Range Expansion Database and Mapping Project) will be an interactive website where members of the public submit data on catches or observations of species that may be undergoing range shifts. The website is currently under construction, so in the meantime contact 03 6227 7257, or and let them know about the changes you are seeing.