Red Map can show us that fish are moving further south

oceanplanet, May 13th 2013

Did you know that the Yellowtail Kingfish can be caught further south along the East Coast of Tasmania? This means that with changing water temperature we could start seeing a shift in range by several species. This is good news for some recreational fishermen but, who else is extending their range into Southern Tassie waters? Red Map Australia is committed to answering these questions. Red Map Tasmania allows fishermen, divers and snorkelers to log sightings of marine species they encounter while fishing or diving.

This methodology allows Tasmanians to increase the pool of knowledge that scientists have regarding our Tasmanian marine environment. This is a great way to unite community with science in answering important questions.

Here’s how you can log a sighting:
1. Log into Red Map by creating a new account or by using your facebook account.
2. Once logged in you will see a menu under your name. Click on “log a sighting”
3. A very easy to use upload form will assist you to upload your photo and select what species you believe you have sighted. Continue through the 4 step process. Scientists will validate your sighting and you have just collected valuable data for further research and planning.

Also, check out the first Report Card released by Red Map which gives a brief and concise summary of marine species sighted out of their range. Read it carefully as it contains heaps of good information.


  • Luke

    2013-11-20 10:37:34
    This film is increadible!! It brings glaciers to life in a rather shocking way = stunning timelapse photography from fixed cameras shows the massive retreat of glaciers over 2 - 3 years. The film follows the leading man and his crew as they travel the world to deploy and retreive remote cameras. See trailer here:
  • oceanplanet

    2013-11-10 21:11:07
    Dear Alice, thank you for raising the issue. We could not agree with you more. Ocean Planet did support the event however we did not organize the balloons and have already passed on grievances about the use of the balloons and asked that they not be used in the future.
  • Alice

    2013-10-29 12:09:31
    I completely support these people showing support for Antarctic environment but handing out balloons. Really? How much do they know about marine conservation and the harmful effects of plastics. Please in the future don't use balloons and read the following links about the damage they do to the environment.
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  • Bessie

    2013-02-22 08:20:59
    “Stories From The Sea | OceanplanetOceanplanet” was indeed in fact enjoyable and beneficial! In todays universe that’s hard to deliver. Thanks, Jarrod
  • Graham

    2012-12-06 10:49:11
    Hi. Does anyone know where I can obtain online the text of Dr Daniel Pauly's talk at the NSW Parliament on Tuesday 3 December 2012? G