The Top 10 Beach Maternity & Newborn Photoshoot Locations in Australia

With over 10,000 beaches scattered around Australia’s enormous coastline, the country definitely has more than its fair share of incredible beaches and exploring them all would take a lifetime.

Are you a professional maternity photographer or professional newborn photographer? perhaps you are an enthusiast who simply likes to take a trip to lovely locations and take the very best pictures that make your family and friends go wow?

Australia is one nation in the world that boasts many stunning and popular beaches, however, there are some that are just known to be the ultimate beaches to take magnificent pictures from.

Some leading professional photographers think about the time of daybreak, sundown and day photos to be the best functions allowing them to capture full and in-depth colours of the beach prior to the afternoon shadows begin creeping across.

Australia is among the best continents for untrammelled beach locations, and the very best part is that while lots of are separated, they’re often not too tough to access. Here are some of our leading national park beaches for maternity photography by Renee.

woman standing on beach

Shelly Cove, Leeuwin-Naturaliste NP, WA

Found on the northern shores of Cape Naturaliste, the small enclosed Shelly Beach is a popular spot, as it faces northeast and is safeguarded from the south-westerly winds. Cape Naturaliste and its lighthouse are also part of the northern end of the 135km Cape to Cape track.

The limestone of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste ridge is riddled with caverns, with a wide array of caving experiences on offer, from adventure caving at Calgardup and Giants Cave to directed tourism caves such as Mammoth Cave, Lake Cavern and Gem Cavern.

Palm Beach, Sydney

Definitely a photographer’s dream, Palm Beach is among Sydney’s most enjoyed and finest beaches, even being utilized as the fictitious Summertime Bay town in the enjoyed soapy, ‘House and Away’. Full of energy, it’s challenging to explain simply why it is so sought after but one factor is that it is so scenically stunning.

At the one end lies Barrenjoey Head for spectacular consider as well as areas of the humpback whales with 2 kilometres of golden sands and turquoise waters.

Bay of Fires

Stroll for miles along sugar-white sandy beaches, swim in the impossibly clear ocean and feel like you’re the only individual to have actually ever set foot here. You can explore the Bay of Fires from your base in St Helens or Binalong Bay.

Select a campsite with a genuinely unbelievable view, or treat yourself to a luxury eco-lodge experience with the acclaimed Bay of Fires Stroll, or the new wukalina walk, a 4 day guided walk based around the spectacular landscape of the larapuna (Bay of Fires) and wukalina (Mt William).

Lizard Island, QLD

Lizard Island in the Great Barrier Reef is the picture ideal example of an awesome island vacation. You will require to have deep pockets to visit however with over 23 sensational white beaches to select from on this remote island it is certainly worth your while to splash out and take pleasure in a genuinely indulgent tropical break.

Laze around in your own private villa at the island resort and take pleasure in unique access to a few of the most secluded beaches in the country with remarkable diving and snorkelling areas close to the coast. This is a when in a lifetime chance to get off the grid for a few days in a tropical place.

Blue-green Bay, Exmouth

Due to its remote area in Cape Range National forest, aptly named Turquoise Bay’s brilliant white sands are pristine. It is the best location to take maternity pictures. The flashing turquoise waters are nearly difficult to skip. The lovely Ningaloo Reef lies just offshore, and snorkelling above its vibrant reef and multitude of fish is a great experience.

One of the very best things to do at Blue-green Bay is to plunge into the welcoming waters at the southern end of the beach and float with the existing to the northern end, looking at all of the amazing marine life listed below as you go.

Vlasoff Cay, QLD

A little patch of the Maldives in Far North Queensland, Vlasoff Cay is a kind of James Bond-meets-Castaway island fantasy. Vlasov is one of a handful of photogenic cays discovered off Cairns.

woman in black gown

Ormiston Gorge, Northern Area

Forget whatever you understand about beaches: breaking waves, seashells, sandcastles, squawking seagulls. You’ll find none of that here, but Ormiston Gorge, however, has a generous dollop of golden sand worthwhile of sinking your toes into.

Located in the West MacDonnell National Park near Alice Springs, Ormiston is a tapestry of intense ochre cliffs and white ghost gums pinned beneath a cobalt sky.

Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia

The Sydney suburban area of Manly is understood for its popular Rugby Union group, however even they are eclipsed by the beautiful beach. People have been swimming here for more than a century, and over 50 years back, the very first browsing champions were held here.

The ferry departs from Circular Quay and the trip is well worth it. A good tourist facility has grown with the beach’s appeal; there are dining establishments, shops, and bars aplenty.

Nudey Beach, Fitzroy Island, Far North QLD

Nudey Beach lies just off the coast of Cairns on Fitzroy Island. Access to Nudey beach takes visitors along a 15-minute walking path to the south-west side of Fitzroy Island.

Crescent Head, NSW

Ribboning the coastline for 25km, the waves at Crescent Head are best for both beginners and professional longboard riders. Found simply north of Port Macquarie, there are four ‘best right-hand point breaks’ generating miracle rides of up to 200m; due to this, news of this particular point break has actually spread out throughout the world, with a few of the best browsing movies being recorded here including Hang 10.

5 Most Fuel Efficient Scooters in Melbourne

So, you’re in the market for reliable and affordable methods of transportation. The obvious choice is a scooter, but with so many options to choose from, which is the most ideal for an economical and environmentally friendly ride?

Check out our best pics below from Melbourne scooter company.

Suzuki Burgman Street

If you are in the market for something larger than a 110cc scooter and are willing to get a bit more performance while not hurting your pockets too much, the Suziki should be your ideal choice. Although it may be anything underneath, Burgman Street is the stylish urban commuter scooter which marries style, practicality and functionality into a neat package. And with a city fuel efficiency figure of 54.9kmpl, it is the most efficient 125cc scooter that we have tested so far.

Honda CRF1000L

The most popular category of the past 20 years has also now evolved into one of the most competitive and sophisticated with the leading machines from KTM and BMW now 1200cc behemoths bristling with equipment and features – which isn’t the most conducive for fuel economy.

For instance, Ducati’s latest 1200 Multistrada now returns an average of 37mpg, BMW’s R1200GS is little better at 39mpg and KTM’s biggest 1290 Super Adventure produces 40mpg.

So it’s probably no surprise that the most fuel-efficient bike in the class is the all-new, relatively lightweight and simple, CRF1000 Africa Twin as introduced in 2016 by, yes, Honda, which returns on average 46mpg. It costs anywhere from $12,210.

2020 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive

What makes the Burgman so extraordinary? Extravagance. 

Everything about this bicycle is rich – the climate control? Top-notch. Capacity? You and yours can fit all that you’ll require for an end of the week escape, and have room left over to purchase a couple of shirts while you’re there. Force? The Burgman 650 is fueled by a major, fluid cooled, equal twin that can push it to significantly increase digit speeds easily. Solace? The expression “street couch” has never been put to all the more likely use. 

This is the one, kids. On the off chance that you have any intrigue whatsoever in huge, feet-forward bikes, you’ll need to get to your nearby Suzuki vendor and get a 2020 Burgman 650 Executive while you can.

2020 Yamaha Niken 

The Yamaha Niken isn’t your regular trike or three-wheeler. It is anything but a cruiser with an additional wheel tossed in to assuage individuals who fear falling over, as such. Rather, it’s a bike with an additional wheel tossed in to show up individuals who need more tire grasp. 

That is the means by which Yamaha is pitching the thing, at any rate – and it appears as though a flawless turn on the idea on the off chance that you ask me! Here is a bicycle with three wheels that will, truth be told, tip over at a stoplight. What it won’t do is lose the front end and slide in a quick sweeper. 

Will it sell? Most likely not. Not on the grounds that it is anything but a stunt piece, but since by offering that third wheel-the bicycle is promising imminent purchasers that the “bicycle” will remain all alone, and it won’t. Regardless of whether it did, however, I don’t think there are sufficient sportbike riders out there who are pushing the constraints of footing to make this a suitable product – not if all the folks I ride behind with 4″ of chicken fingers on their tires are any sign. 

What do you all think? Is the Niken – possibly in EV structure – the state of what might be on the horizon, or is it simply bizarre? Do you concur with my picks in the classes, above, or do you have your own thoughts? Tell me in the remarks segment at the base of the page.

We hope you walk away with your options narrowed down to some of the best, most fuel efficient bikes out there. 

5 ways you can help save the ocean

Very residing element depends on the sea. Covering extra than 70% of our planet’s surface, it carries an astounding range of lifestyles and influences the whole lot from worldwide weather styles to food structures. So whilst we pay attention the ocean is in hassle from the results of overfishing, weather exchange, and pollution it’s smooth to experience powerless. While a lot of those problems will require management from governments and companies, there are plenty of movements you could take to be able to make a large distinction for the ocean.

Check the label

Overfishing is the greatest threat our ocean faces, and international fish populations are hastily reducing because of high demand and unsustainable fishing practices. Help maintain fisheries and fish stocks healthful through deciding on sustainable seafood when you grocery keep or dine out. What’s the very best manner to ensure your seafood is sustainable? Look for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) labels. Their blue and green fish emblems in your seafood guarantees your fish may be traced back to sustainably-controlled fisheries and farms.

A conservation and marine technical officer for WWF MAR, analyzing coral reef in Cordelia Bank. Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras, Central America.
Conservation and marine technical officer for WWF-MAR, inspecting coral reef in Cordelia Bank. Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras, Central America. Warming waters from climate exchange can stress coral and motive coral bleaching.

Reduce your carbon emissions

In the closing 1/2-century, the ocean has absorbed ninety% of the excess warmth created by means of burning fossil fuels. That’s caused hotter waters, that may have an effect on where fish swim, bleach coral reefs, trade how marine species reproduce, speed up sea-level rise, or even modify climate occasions on land. Decrease the effects of climate trade on the ocean by cutting your carbon footprint at domestic: turn off lighting fixtures and unplug electronics when you’re now not the use of them, modify your thermostat, stroll or ride your bike to paintings, and demand renewable electricity options to your community. For more ideas, visit our Green Tips page.

No Plastic in Nature

A latest WWF report No Plastic in Nature: A Practical Guide for Business Engagement examined the scope and causes of the plastic waste disaster and offers a clear manual for businesses to steer the a whole lot-needed plastics revolution. Now, we’re helping organizations meet those commitments through our platform ReSource: Plastic.

Single-use plastics—consisting of non-reusable water bottles, take-out packaging, plastic bags, and straws—pollute our ocean and may wreck ecosystems and endanger marine lifestyles. With eight million lots of plastic dumped into the sea each yr, there might be a pound of plastic for each 3 pounds of fish inside the ocean in the next decade alone. To limit your effect, cast off needless unmarried-use plastics out of your each day behavior. Even casting off straws should cross a long manner closer to decreasing ocean particles. If every American sipped out of simply 5 fewer straws consistent with 12 months, we may want to maintain extra than 1.Five billion straws out of landfills—and our ocean.

Travel smarter

Consider booking your next ride through a responsible journey organization that’s dedicated to shielding flora and fauna, empowering neighborhood communities, and using courses who’re aware about policies and quality practices. Once you arrive at your vacation spot, be respectful of marine life and habitats, including nesting sea turtles on beaches and sensitive coral reef systems. And be discerning about your purchases. Purchasing certain items, which include coral rings, shark merchandise, or tortoiseshell add-ons (made from endangered hawksbill turtles) damages fragile ecosystems and threatens severely endangered species.

Five. Increase your ocean IQ

The greater you find out about the ocean, the higher organized you’ll be to encourage exchange—and assist others do the identical. Thankfully, there are many methods to teach your self approximately the ocean and the demanding situations it faces, from books and documentaries to websites, museums, artwork famous, and extra. If you’re an educator, check out WWF’s Wild Classroom, an online library of in particular designed tools to help you bring ocean conservation in your faculty.

Protect the Oceans

Billions of people depend upon the ocean for their meals and livelihoods. The marine lifestyles that provide it — whether it’s fish to devour or whales that fuel tourism economies — ought to be controlled carefully and sustainably.

To effectively conserve marine ecosystems — and provide benefits to the folks who rely on them — Conservation International has led the introduction of marine included areas (MPAs) round the arena. From village-stage to usa-level, MPAs have a proven music file of success. Conservation International builds on this success with its pioneering Seascape approach, which builds partnerships amongst local decision-makers to sustainably manipulate huge, more than one-use ocean areas.

What is a marine protected location (MPA)?

A marine covered region is an internationally diagnosed region of ocean (or of land and ocean combined) where human activities including tourism, improvement and fishing are managed to make sure sustainability.

What is a Seascape?

Conservation International defines a Seascape as a big, more than one-use marine place in which governments, corporations, communities and other stakeholders work together to preserve marine ecosystems and to sell human nicely-being.


Marine ecosystems and the species that flourish inside them have awesome value — each to natural features along with weather alternate mitigation and to the coastal communities that depend on them.​ Wit​h the Seascapes method, Conservation International seeks to enhance human well-being and environment health, which can be intricately connected. We assist a long-time period dedication to an area in addition to building up local potential amongst our partners. Working with partners manner more sources in addition to complementary strengths and institutions that could stand the test of time.

Working with neighborhood companions in eight countries, Conservation International has been instrumental in improving control throughout four Seascapes: Abrolhos Seascape in Brazil; Bird’s Head Seascape in Indonesia; Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador; and Sulu-Sulawesi Seascape in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.


The Seascape approach merges community-based conservation with properly-described cease goals known as the “Nine Essential Elements of a Functional Seascape.”

  • Create allowing situations via prison frameworks

Seascapes generate an permitting framework of legal guidelines, conventions, regulations and rules that facilitate marine conservation at neighborhood, countrywide and nearby scales.

  • Create enabling conditions via ok establishments

Seascapes build adequate institutional frameworks and potential, such as employees, infrastructure, and device, to make marine governance structures (governmental, industrial and civil) paintings efficiently.

  • Create permitting conditions via social and political aid

Seascapes boom the social and political viability of marine conservation, and they construct extensive guide in any respect scales, from stakeholders in nearby marine controlled areas to natural leaders.

  • Build effective management thru private sector engagement

Seascapes sell convergence among conservation and development through linking the viability and profitability of predominant financial sports with sustainable control of the environment.

  • Build effective management thru atmosphere-primarily based management

Seascapes strengthen huge-scale management of marine ecosystems through using multidisciplinary scientific statistics to tell powerful planning, implementation and tracking.

Build powerful management via sustainable financing and market mechanisms

Seascapes attempt to be financially sustainable, with investment portfolios which are strong, numerous, and large sufficient to put in force all priority marine conservation sports.

  • Generate consequences via maintenance and restoration of priority habitats and ecosystems

Seascapes preserve or repair crucial habitats and ecosystems in order that ecological processes and environment services are sustained.

  • Generate results thru threatened species restoration

Seascapes opposite declining population tendencies for threatened marine species.


Conservation works nice while it’s miles at scale, thinking of a whole region as opposed to dividing it up. Seascapes are designed to be massive enough to embody specific levels of government, but now not too massive to manipulate effectively. Having neighborhood support and enter alongside the attain and effect of government will increase the probability of conservation fulfillment.

The scope of sustainability

Due to their size, Seascapes include a vast variety of problems — and views — to take into account. That’s why we integrate our paintings throughout specific sectors (public, personal, authorities, community) and makes use of of marine resources, linking modern-day gear with traditional knowledge to ensure a sustainable management plan this is solid and a hit within the long term.

A shared dedication

To be successful, Seascapes require long-term commitment — extra than a decade — from the companions involved. Conservation International has efficiently applied marine control packages for more than 12 years, ensuring commitments from dozens of partners, ensuing inside the protection of millions of acres of ocean — and supporting the communities that rely on the ocean for his or her meals and their livelihoods within the technique.

10 Ways You Can Help Save the Oceans

Oceans cover seventy-one percent of the planet and are domestic to important species and ecosystems that we depend on for food, livelihoods, climate law and greater. But the oceans want our help. Saving the oceans can sometimes feel like an overwhelming undertaking, however if we all pitch in, we can make a massive difference.

Here are 10 way of life picks that – when adopted – can assist shield and repair our oceans for destiny generations.


The oceans face a huge and developing hazard from plastics. An expected 17.6 billion kilos of plastic leaks into the marine environment from land-based totally resources every yr—that’s more or less equivalent to dumping a rubbish truck complete of plastic into our oceans each minute. And plastics never leave!

We need to urge agencies to offer purchasers with plastic-free alternatives and say no to single use plastics such as straws, plastic cutlery, espresso cups, water bottles, plastic baggage, balloons, plastic-wrapped produce and take-out meals boxes.


Carbon dioxide, a known greenhouse fuel, is making our oceans more acidic. This is contributing to the loss of corals on a international scale as their calcium skeletons are weakened through the increasing acidity of the water.

You can reduce your carbon footprint by way of adopting a number of these easy measures:

• Ride a motorcycle, stroll or use public transportation instead of using a vehicle.

• Turn off the lighting while you leave a room.

• Put on a sweater inside the wintry weather in preference to turning up your thermostat.

• Have a few fun along with your diet – buy sustainably caught wild seafood. It is a renewable resource that calls for minimal freshwater to supply and emits less carbon dioxide than land-primarily based proteins like red meat.


There are many merchandise without delay related to harming endangered or threatened species, unsustainable fishing techniques and pollutants. For example, keep away from cosmetics that include shark squalene, jewelry made from coral or sea turtle shell, souvenir shells of conchs, nautiluses and other animals, and single-use plastics like straws and water bottles that may grow to be in our oceans. These products support unsustainable fishing and threaten crucial species and ecosystems.


Choose seafood this is healthy for you and the oceans from nicely-managed, wild fisheries. We realize it’s hard to understand what fish are ok to consume, that is why you can flip to those beneficial resources:

• Print or download a manual from Seafood Watch that will help you make sustainable selections when you purchase or order seafood, and learn about eco-certification of seafood.

• Refer to these pinnacle chefs for sustainable seafood recipes.

• Consider including small, oily fish that are filled with protein in your weight loss program.


Electing public officers that assist good ocean guidelines can help us guard marine life and our oceans. Do your studies on applicants and make an informed decision, then exercising your proper (and obligation) to vote. And don’t let Election Day be the ultimate time they pay attention from you. Follow up with your candidates and elected officials regularly to remind them of policies you care about.

Your representatives and lawmakers won’t recognise how important these issues are that face our oceans. But they’ll in case you tell them. It’s as much as parts like you to make lawmakers aware about the crises going through marine lifestyles and our oceans. Don’t be shy! Take movement with Oceana to without delay touch your authorities representatives and lawmakers.


“People defend what they love.” – Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Get outside and explore the oceans around you! If you don’t live near the ocean, visit your nearby lake or river to find out how your watershed connects to the sea. There are lots of on-line possibilities to explore the oceans, too. Dive into Oceana’s Marine Life Encyclopedia to study fun and interesting facts about all styles of animals from sharks and seals to octopuses and clownfish.


As beach crowds growth, so does the amount of trash left behind or blown away. Don’t allow your day out of doors contribute to the destruction of our oceans. Remember to go away not anything in the back of however your footprints — acquire and get rid of your trash.


Tell humans what’s occurring with the arena’s oceans and what they can do to enroll in you in creating a distinction. Spread the word about petitions, share a laugh facts and be a part of the conversation with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


More than 800,000 participants and activists in over two hundred international locations have already joined Oceana – the most important international business enterprise centered solely on ocean conservation. Together, we’ve won over two hundred victories and protected more than 4.5 million rectangular miles of ocean. But there’s greater to be carried out! Become an Oceana Wavemaker and retain your efforts to help save the oceans. As a Wavemaker, you’ll get hold of a month-to-month update on the modern day ocean news and learn ways you could help shield marine lifestyles.