5 Most Fuel Efficient Scooters in Melbourne

So, you’re in the market for reliable and affordable methods of transportation. The obvious choice is a scooter, but with so many options to choose from, which is the most ideal for an economical and environmentally friendly ride?

Check out our best pics below from Melbourne scooter company.

Suzuki Burgman Street

If you are in the market for something larger than a 110cc scooter and are willing to get a bit more performance while not hurting your pockets too much, the Suziki should be your ideal choice. Although it may be anything underneath, Burgman Street is the stylish urban commuter scooter which marries style, practicality and functionality into a neat package. And with a city fuel efficiency figure of 54.9kmpl, it is the most efficient 125cc scooter that we have tested so far.

Honda CRF1000L

The most popular category of the past 20 years has also now evolved into one of the most competitive and sophisticated with the leading machines from KTM and BMW now 1200cc behemoths bristling with equipment and features – which isn’t the most conducive for fuel economy.

For instance, Ducati’s latest 1200 Multistrada now returns an average of 37mpg, BMW’s R1200GS is little better at 39mpg and KTM’s biggest 1290 Super Adventure produces 40mpg.

So it’s probably no surprise that the most fuel-efficient bike in the class is the all-new, relatively lightweight and simple, CRF1000 Africa Twin as introduced in 2016 by, yes, Honda, which returns on average 46mpg. It costs anywhere from $12,210.

2020 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive

What makes the Burgman so extraordinary? Extravagance. 

Everything about this bicycle is rich – the climate control? Top-notch. Capacity? You and yours can fit all that you’ll require for an end of the week escape, and have room left over to purchase a couple of shirts while you’re there. Force? The Burgman 650 is fueled by a major, fluid cooled, equal twin that can push it to significantly increase digit speeds easily. Solace? The expression “street couch” has never been put to all the more likely use. 

This is the one, kids. On the off chance that you have any intrigue whatsoever in huge, feet-forward bikes, you’ll need to get to your nearby Suzuki vendor and get a 2020 Burgman 650 Executive while you can.

2020 Yamaha Niken 

The Yamaha Niken isn’t your regular trike or three-wheeler. It is anything but a cruiser with an additional wheel tossed in to assuage individuals who fear falling over, as such. Rather, it’s a bike with an additional wheel tossed in to show up individuals who need more tire grasp. 

That is the means by which Yamaha is pitching the thing, at any rate – and it appears as though a flawless turn on the idea on the off chance that you ask me! Here is a bicycle with three wheels that will, truth be told, tip over at a stoplight. What it won’t do is lose the front end and slide in a quick sweeper. 

Will it sell? Most likely not. Not on the grounds that it is anything but a stunt piece, but since by offering that third wheel-the bicycle is promising imminent purchasers that the “bicycle” will remain all alone, and it won’t. Regardless of whether it did, however, I don’t think there are sufficient sportbike riders out there who are pushing the constraints of footing to make this a suitable product – not if all the folks I ride behind with 4″ of chicken fingers on their tires are any sign. 

What do you all think? Is the Niken – possibly in EV structure – the state of what might be on the horizon, or is it simply bizarre? Do you concur with my picks in the classes, above, or do you have your own thoughts? Tell me in the remarks segment at the base of the page.

We hope you walk away with your options narrowed down to some of the best, most fuel efficient bikes out there. 

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