Oceans and Ice is FREE screening April 16th

7 ideas to help with Climate Change. Oceans and Ice Post Event News.


Settling in before the show

Friday night Tasmanian’s around Hobart got together in the cozy Rosny Barn for a breath taking show. (more…)

This Sunday Nov 17, 2013 Take action on Climate Change

Join thousands around Australia in Standing up on stronger action on climate change. We want to show that more urgent action is needed. Together, we’ll make it clear that Australians want stronger action on climate change.

Who: You and your friends and family
Where: Parliament Lawns
Time: Noon
Dress: red, orange
Bring: signs, banners, facepaint, umbrellas and other creative ideas

Stories From the Sea at BOFA

Stories from the Sea at BOFA film festival 2013

Stories from the Sea at BOFA film festival 2013

This weekend on November 8th, the BOFA (Breath Of Fresh Air) festival held in Launceston screened Stories from the Sea as part of their Tasmania Action Day. We are thrilled that these stories from old sea dogs are being told all over the state. If you haven’t seen Stories from the Sea, watch it here.

Oct 28th 2013 Rally in Hobart – CCAMLR Protect the Southern Ocean

This week CCAMLR or  the Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources is meeting to decide the fate of two Southern Ocean Protection (more…)

Better Boating – Marine Composting Toilets-Tasmania

After watching you might wonder how you can get your own marine composting toilet. Unfortunately, there are no distributors in Tasmania but you can order one from one of the following websites. The prices range from $1,199 to $2500 and range in size and capacity.


Tasmania Sea Fishing App Out Now

New Tasmania Sea Fishing App for iphone with GPS integration, fast access to fishing rules, boat ramp locations, species descriptions and more.

Sep 5th 2013 Hot Topics in IMAS -Theme “Oceans and Ecosystems in a Changing Climate”

There is ground breaking research going on and we don’t always get to hear about it, here is an opportunity: Eight 15 minute talks on September 5th from 2pm-4pm @University Club, Dobson Rd, Sandy Bay Campus. Here is a run down of the short talks…. (more…)

World-class study on the Maugean Skate

In an earlier post this month, we touched on what is known about the elusive Maugean Skate living in Macquarie Harbour. These unique and endangered animals will be getting some attention from scientists over the next 12 months through a project lead by IMAS(more…)

Pawel Achtel

Our featured photographer for the month of September is dedicated to filming underwater creatures like no one else in the world has ever done.
Pawel Achtel has spent hours developing lenses specifically designed for the optical conditions of underwater cinematography. Achtel’s company has produced the most innovative underwater filming system in years – revolutionary new housings: Deep X and 3 Deep for shooting in 2D and 3D underwater.

The images showcased here on oceanplanet were shot off the East Coast of Tasmania during a deep dive to test out the one and only 3D camera housing. (more…)

Explore the Sea Floor

This is a fun way you can help scientists. Over at Explore the Sea Floor, scientists have created a website that allows anyone to help them identify Sea Urchins and Kelp around Australia.
You simply log in, decide whether you want to identify sea urchins or kelp, learn what they look like, then use your mouse to click and identify them. (more…)

August 20, 2013 East Coast Odyssey Starts in Hobart

The Yukon sets sail on Tuesday of next week, August 20th beginning the first leg of the East Coast Odyssey from Hobart to Eden, Victoria and its not yet sold out.

Chasing Ice Movie – Screening in Hobart

Award winning Chasing Ice will be screening this Sunday, August 18th at The Stanley Burbury Theatre, UTAS

Tasmania’s Unique Marine Environment

What is a Maugean Skate?

Yep, I had no idea either.

This little guy is special. The Maugean Skate who is endemic to two places in Tasmania is a very old animal. (more…)

I don’t want to lose Nemo-Tasmanian Marine Science Winter Lecture Series

32 people spent their free time to bring you that cute film. The film presents a lot of the problems we face in the future of our oceans and locally in our Tasmanian marine environment. (more…)

May 9th 2013 Are you Coming?

Talking Rubbish May 9th

For more info visit scat.org.au

How to Boat Better

Ocean Planet has developed betterboating.org to provide information on how boating users can reduce their environmental footprint, lower carbon emissions and conduct their recreational activity in a clean, beneficial and harmonious relationship with the unique marine environment of Tasmania (as well as with our outstanding lakes and rivers). (more…)

Stories From The Sea

Many Tasmanians love our unique and special marine environment, but few know what life in our oceans was like in decades past.

For the first time, our friends at Environment Tasmania have brought together a collection of “Stories from the Sea” in an online video series featuring “sea dogs” who’ve seen it all over recent decades.

Subscribe to the Environment Tasmania  YouTube channel and be surprised and amazed at the stories from this unique  new video series. Watch the main video below and subscribe to watch the individual interviews uploaded weekly.

World Fisheries Expert Dr Pauly comes to Tasmania!

Ocean Planet and Environment Tasmania are delighted to announce that Dr Daniel Pauly will not only be opening the BLUE Oceans Film Festival on Friday 30 November at the Stanley Burbury Theatre, UTAS in Sandy Bay, but he will be giving a lecture in Launceston!


Join us on Facebook and invite your friends today!

The opportunity to see Dr Pauly is not to be missed!

The author of several books and more than 500 scientific papers, Pauly is a prolific writer and communicator. He developed the concept of shifting baselines in 1995 and authored the seminal paper, Fishing down marine food webs, in 1998. For working to protect the environment, he earned a place in the “Scientific American 50″ in 2003, the same year the New York Times labeled him an “iconoclast”. Pauly won the International Cosmos Prize in 2005, the Volvo Environment Prize in 2006, the Excellence in Ecology Prize and Ted Danson Ocean Hero Award in 2007, the Ramon Margalef Prize in Ecology and Environmental Sciences in 2008, and the Nierenberg Prize for Science in the Public Interest from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in 2012. He frequently expresses opinions about public policy, specifically, he argues that governments should abolishsubsidies to fishing fleets and establish marine reserves. He is a member of the Board of Oceana. In a 2009 article written for The New Republic, Pauly compares today’s fisheries to a global Ponzi scheme. Pauly featured in the The End of the Line, the first major documentary about global overfishing, which premiered at Sundance in 2009.

Stop the Super Trawler

Late last year thousands of Australians came together to oppose the Super Trawler and we were successful. The ban, however was only temporary and now with the upcoming federal election could be reversed within 3 days of the election.

We have created an email you can send to your MP by simply inputting your post code. To date, Australia has sent out over 5,400 emails. Click below to send yours.

2013-8-15_super trawler ban