1. Keep informed

Sign up to our e-bulletin that brings you relevant information and an opportunity to get involved in events, projects and news about marine conservation in Tasmania.

2. Spread the word

You can put up posters, distribute brochures and stickers, or give a ready-to-go presentation to your local group or school, with the help of our resources. Contact us for materials. Or, if there’s a special place you’d like to get protected, check our Fact Sheets for tips on how you can do this. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter

3. Only take a feed

If you love to drop a line in, only take what you need for a feed and use the Tasmanian Recreational Sea Fishing Guide to make sure the fish are legal size. In many cases, recreational bag limits are in excess of what you’ll need, so just use your common sense.

4. Support our work

Our ongoing work relies upon people who care about our oceans and coast just like you. You can make a tax deductible donation to our marine conservation work in Tasmania to Environment Tasmania here.

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5. Volunteer or Intern

If you are passionate about conservation, working in the environmental sector, or protecting unique marine ecosystems, consider volunteering or becoming an intern for OceanPlanet. The internship program offers beneficial job experience and training in:

  • Project management and event coordination
  • Media and communications
  • Advocacy
  • Public and stakeholder engagement

Please contact us for more information.