Ocean Planet has developed betterboating.org to provide information on how boating users can reduce their environmental footprint, lower carbon emissions and conduct their recreational activity in a clean, beneficial and harmonious relationship with the unique marine environment of Tasmania (as well as with our outstanding lakes and rivers).

Many in Tasmania are already on the right track but this web site aims to build upon these efforts by providing new information and a renewed focus on improving the condition of the marine and freshwater habitats of our state. Apart from any improved environmental outcomes, the actions outlined will often save boat owners money through better efficiencies.

Betterboating.org is targeted at all recreational vessel owners, for the kayak user, the tinny operator, those in the sailing fraternity, as well as the owners of large motor cruisers. Thoughtfulness on how we dispose of rubbish and bilge water, in how, when and where to fish, where to moor or anchor boats, where to go ashore will contribute greatly to ensuring the health of our seas and coasts and freshwater lakes and rivers.

Help keep our oceans healthy and boat better!