Marine National Parks have so much going for them!

They act as:

  • recovery zones for species in decline
  • buffer zones against damaging events like storms
  • maternity wards for fish to reproduce and foster healthy off-spring
  • a line of defence against invasive pests
  • a playground for divers and lovers of what’s below the surface
  • a submerged classroom for learning and an intact laboratory for scientists
  • an insurance policy for recreational and commercial fishers to secure future fisheries
  • an economic opportunity for adjacent towns and communities
  • a sure-fire way to protect biodiversity and ecosystems in their natural state for the future

The Tasmanian government aims to protect a comprehensive, adequate and representative network of marine protected areas. In reality, we are not there yet. Until a network of marine national parks is established with input and support from our local communities, their real benefits and a sustainable future for our oceans, will not be realised.