Footage courtesy of Eaglehawk Dive Centre

Tasmania is blessed with spectacular coastlines and diverse marine environments, upon which the working and leisure lifestyles of many Tasmanians are built. With an unusually large number of unique species and rare ecosystems within pristine underwater wilderness areas, our coastal waters are globally significant.

In fact, what we have in Tasmanian waters can be found nowhere else on earth.

From magnificent Giant Kelp forests to ancient species, critically endangered fish, unique tannin-stained estuaries and luxuriant seagrass meadows, our small island state is a wealth of diverse marine life.

Yet only 1% of the waters around Tasmania are protected…

To find out more about Tasmania’s unique Marine Natural Values, you can read (or if you prefer, download a copy) of the report by using the Issuu or PDF links below.

Summary of Report


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